Holiday Month;
Which takes working in a customer oriented way with superior service understanding as its objective on issues such as Congress, Seminar, Domestic and International Trips, Package Tour Programs and flight tickets, offers longtime business partnership with its innovative solutions to private companies and public organizations with the principle of providing the best quality service at the most economical prices also in its corporate services.

Holiday Month, which aims for international quality standards with its expert, experienced, active and innovative staff, gathered its work under three main titles: “Travel Agency” “Events” and “Chauffered luxury car rental” in this respect.

Holiday Month "Travel Agency" is an institution which separates the areas of expertise within its body with the belief that working in a customer oriented way with high efficiency requires expertise. Holiday and Travel: it provides all the services required for your private travel and holiday; Corporate: it offers special services for all kinds of business trips and organizations of companies, organizations and institutions; Incoming: it continues its operations meticulously with increasing business volume in order to increase travel to Turkey from Europe and many other countries, especially from gulf countries,Scandinavia, and it contributes to the advertisement of Turkey.

Holiday Month Turkey is an institution the service quality of which is approved, affiliated with TURSAB, IATA, ICCA, ICEC, and certified by Lütfi Kırdar Convention Center co-founder and ISO 9001.


Gürsel Mahallesi, İmrahor Caddesi, No:29 B Blok Kat:4 No:141 PREMİER KAMPÜS OFİS
Phone: 0212 343 47 74
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